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Vocalized audio interlinear
As a novice, I find it hard to figure out un-vocalized text. More as a proof of concept for what I would like to have, I created this version of the Interlinear, with vowels based on the Assyrian Ancient NT (little red book) and audio that automatically highlights the current word, as it is spoken.

Would be nice to have some help, if there is interest, with continuing with that work. The most time consuming part is creating the so called audio cue file, that tells you when a word is started and when it end. Plus adding the vowels to the consonant only text, as read from the book (or here: An alternative would be to highlight just the current verse, that would be a lot faster to build.

Note that if you click on a word, audio will automatically jump to that word, giving you a chance to hear it again.

Would be nice to read some feedback, if any:

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