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Server Crashed - was able to recover!
Paul, that sounds important.  Just as every hair on our heads is counted (mna mna), I think the Father has angels who oversee everything that happens here at the forum. The server crash this month could be a sign to the Aramaic community here about the vulnerability of electronic data, and the data recovery too (where old posts/history and new posts/forum just don't look the same).  It is not beyond me to read too much into things from time-to-time, but I'd also like to share that my 3rd party server (Just Host) went down only hours after my latest post, and I've been notified their technical team is still working on the issue presently.  

I think we do well to remember that the Peshitta is a gift, and it was not stewarded through the centuries by electricity and third parties with no stake in the content, but rather by stewards willing to guard the word of the Father's chosen, keeping it literally close to them. Do we keep oil in our lamp in our own house, or at the store?

Thank you for being a faithful steward of this forum.

Hopefully this event can serve as a reminder for the Aramaic community to keep paper copies of anything desirable to preserve.  If not now, when?  History favors the prepared, and there's no time like the present!

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