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Is it true about the Assyrian Church ...
Is it true about the Assyrian Church that it is called "The Church of Martyrs"?

My friend who is Roman Catholic has mentioned the term "Donatism" at least twice. I did a research (source:wikipedia), and I heard that Donatists kicked around for a couple of centuries and are now non extant, however I think I remember something about them as "The Church of Martyrs" so I became curious whether there was any connection.

I don't know a lot about Donatism, only what I read at wikipedia, but the way my Roman Catholic friend used it, well, the Roman Catholics accept the Eastern Orthodox Bishops and Eastern Orthodox Bishops have yet to install a See in Rome. I heard they regularly get invitations to Papal Councils, but that's probably not accurate.

It occurs to me as I've been talking with Orthodox that they seem to speak an entirely different language sometimes.

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