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Peshitta Apocrypha
Hello, everyone. This is my first post. I have been perusing these forums for a while now, and have gleaned a TON from everyone. So, first off, thank you all very much for the incredible amounts of information! Now, on to my question:

I have recently been reading through some of the Apocrypha from the LXX. Particularly, the 1 and 2 Books of Maccabees. Sadly, I cannot find these online as translated from the Peshitta. Nevertheless, this leads to my question.

For those that are familiar with the LXX version of 1 Macc., you probably already know there is is only one reference to God (Theos) in 1 Macc. at 3:18 (I believe that's where it is). Well, I just finished 1 Macc. and started 2 Macc. and now, I'm seeing "Lord" and "God" all over the place. BUT! As we all know, this is simply "Theos" and "Kurios." So, my question is, does the Peshitta use the Name 'Mar-Ya' in 2 Maccabees? I had heard someone say that since 2 Macc. was not consider canon, they did not write "Mar-Ya" into it, but rather just mar (moro?), and this is where the Greek reads Kurios.

So, if anyone has the time to look it up for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Particularly places like 2 Macc. 1:8 and 1:24.

Thank you!

Shalom b'Mashiach
A couple things I just figured out.

First, I posted this in the "New Testament" forum section, so I apologize for that. Second, I have found these books online, and have found that it does, indeed, read "Mar-ya" where the Greek reads "Kurios."

Thank you all, anyways!

Shalom b'Mashiach
Malachi3_6 Wrote:..., I have found these books online, and have found that it does, indeed, read "Mar-ya" where the Greek reads "Kurios."

Malachi3, can you share the link in which you found the translations?
The Aramaic "Apocrypha" books can be found online here, after The New Covenant book of 1 John in the list there under "Text Browse" then "Syriac"...where you can click on each word and get the English equivalent in the verse.

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Thank you, thirdwoe. Yes, this is exactly where I found them. Took a long time and a lot of "Googling" to find them.

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