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Aramaic loan-words (per akhi Paul)
Quote:Paul "Aramaic words in Greek Luqa."
Sep-17-2000 at 01:52 AM (GMT3)

Shlama all,
Here is a question you should ask the next Greek NT scholar you meet.

If Luke was written in Greek, why does the Aramaic word for "Strong Drink" (Shakira) appear in the Greek manuscripts as "Sikera"??? (Luke 1:15)

Is it not because Greek lacks an original word for "Strong Drink?" So, they just transliterated the Aramaic word?

The frequency of this type of thing is astounding, to say the least.

And then, people ask why there is a handful of Greek words in the Peshitta?

How about the 5-fold quantity of Aramaic words in the Greek manuscripts???

How about the Aramaic loan-word in Greek "Sabbata" (Matthew 12:10).....what, the Greeks had no word for "Saturday"?????

How about "Pascha" (Luke 2:41), the Greeks couldn't make up a word like the English people did......"Passover"?

How about these following Aramaic words in the Greek texts.......???????????

Lebonthah (frankincense, Matthew 2:11)
Mammona (Luke 16:9)
Wai (Woe! Matthew 23:13)
Rabbi (Matthew 23:7,8)
Beelzebub (Luke 11:15)
Qorban (Mark 7:11)
Satana (Luke 10:18)
cammuna (cummin, Matt 23:23)
raca (a term of contempt Matthew 5:22)
korin (a dry measure, between 10-12 bushels, Luke 16:7)
zezneh (tares, Matthew 13:25)
Boanerges (Mark 3:17)

....and Amen, which appears about 100 times in the Greek text of the Gospels.

Why is it that nobody talks about these Aramaic words in the Greek manuscripts?

Shlama w'Burkate,
Great day all,

I've been wondering about these loanwords, and specifically the quote which says
Quote:"How about the 5-fold quantity of Aramaic words in the Greek manuscripts???"

Now, I'd really like to know what the honest breakdown is regarding the amount of Aramaic versus Greek loanwords. If the writer of that quote was being literal, and if he included ALL of the Aramaic loanwords in the Greek NT (which was about 16 unique), then we'd expect to find only 3 or 4 unique Greek words in the Peshitta, right? I'd just like some clarification, or rather 'literalness' on this subject.

I happened to run across a few Greek words like "denarius, evangelion, Andrew, Phillip," and I sense that I haven't scratched the surface. George Kiraz' SEDRA contains about 350 Greek words out of 29,800 words in the Apostolic Writings ("NT"). At that ratio, my math leads me to believe that there may be closer to 9 or 10 unique Greek words in the Peshitta. Would anybody happen to have a list of those? I'd really appreciate any insight. Thanks so much.


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