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Eidutha Journal of aramaic and ancient christian studies
Not sure if you are aware of this, but it's a new journal, and the first edition is free.

Check it out:
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I'm not sure I would call this a "journal" rather than a vanity publication.
  • First "Eidutha" is not a Palestinian Aramaic word that means "church," "congregation," or "assembly" that I am aware of. I believe that they *mean* /`edta/ but that's predominantly an Eastern Aramaic term (although I believe it may appear in late CPA).
  • Half the articles are by the same person, who is also the "General Editor." That's a big red flag.
  • Anyone who "publishes" an article in it automatically becomes an editor and gets a free one-year subscription. That's another big red flag.
  • There is no style guide or publication guidelines outside of file formats.
  • All articles in the first issue have been "previously published" (that is to say, posted to profiles-- not actually published).
  • Many of the articles have some very serious problems with them that should have been picked up in any "peer review" process... I cannot list them all here, there are too many.
  • And one thing that made me double-take: "Front cover is believed to be in the public domain."? Erm... what?

As it says in Talmud Yerushalemi: Estera b'legina "kish kish" qarya.... However, I dare say that in this case leyth klom b'legina. Undecided


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