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Is this true?
I saw this tonight while reading an except of Michael Rood's new book, "The Chronological Gospels", where he states...

"There is only one ancient Biblical source that maintains the correct lineage of Yeshua, through his mother, to
King David ? and that is the ancient Hebrew Matthew that has been preserved in Jewish archives.

As of Yom Kippur, 2012, twenty-eight separate manuscripts of ancient original language Hebrew Matthew have been
discovered, fourteen of them by Karaite scholar Nehemia Gordon who discovered the two texts cited below. In
two of the oldest manuscripts of the Ancient Hebrew Matthew copied into the appendix of Shem Tov Ibn
Shaprut?s ?Even Bochan? we have the accurate lineage of Yeshua that shows his direct ancestral path to the
throne of David ? ?Yoseph avi Miriam? ? Yoseph the father of Miriam of whom was born Yeshua."

What is he talking about here, saying 28 manuscripts of and ancient original language Hebrew Matthew have been discovered?
These manuscripts are merely medieval translations from the Greek Gospels made by rabbis in order to combat Christianity. Based on what I know, Shem Tov is supposed to be in very bad quality Hebrew. Ummm, does not the Peshitta also preserve the lineage of Jesus the Messiah through His mother Mary from her gawra Joseph?

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