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Ebyathar was kohen hagadol Mark 2 :26
Further to your reply:-

From an administrative point of view the HS are being produced and delivered free to people that cannot afford to buy a copy of the scriptures. This all sounds commendable.

Personally I was brought up on JND's translation which was in a way no different to the KJV. It was intended to be more up to date, and more accurate. It used Jehovah for the sacred name in the OT, but in the new testament the name was only referred to in notes and the translation being from the Greek the divine name was changed to Lord. My object in ordering the AENT, which I am hoping will arrive in the near future, was to see the method, if any, used in reverting to the use of the divine name in the new testament. For example Paul preaches to the Jews in Dammaseq that ha Mashiach is the Ben of YHWH. This sounds right to me, now, but if the rendering in the HS had been that ha Mashiach was the Ben of Elohim, to agree the Greek, I would have said that this is how I had always understood the truth. I would expect to find that the AENT will have that Paul preached that ha Mashiach is the Ben of YHWH, not the Ben of Elohim.

I await the parcel


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