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Possible Peshitta Mistranslation? Calling Paul
I know I'm the Greek that the Word translated by the KJV in 1 Corinthians 11:27 as "unworthily" should be translated as "in an unworthy manner".

"He therefore, who eats of the bread of Master YHWH and drinks of His cup and is not worthy of it, is guilty of the blood of Master YHWH and of His body."- AENT

The context of I Corinthians 11 seems to clearly be talking about the manner in which the communion should be observed, not the righteousness of those who partake of it. We will always be unworthy of the blood and body of Jesus the Messiah, as we are all sinful and only accounted as righteous by faith in His name. Can the Aramaic word here be translated as "in an unworthy manner"? Thanks in advance!

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