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TheoScholar Announcement For Readers
I hope Brother Paul doesn't mind me advertising my blog a little bit. I have several other authors working on the Blog now that I have a lot of confidence in and am very close friends with. I just started a Facebook Fan page:

If you haven't checked out the website yet, please do!

I am the only of the current three authors that is an advocate of Peshitta primacy, so I'm the only one that you will see post such things on there for now. I'm really trying to build up the blog and get the stuff out there. I'm doing a lot of work today on the keywords and such for passive income on websites. This blog is monetized, but it does not cost any money to view the content. If you like the blog, please share it with your friends! Soon we will be starting a website called, but it will still be TheoScholar Ministries.

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