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Peshitto of Mardin VS these various Peshitta books?
I found a nice new copy of the Peshitto of Mardin on this Turkish website:

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And was wondering how it compares to the UBS Syriac Bible (Red book):

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And how those two compare with the New Covenant Aramaic New testament:

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So this is what I want to know:

1) Is the Peshitto of Mardin any good? Are the Peshitto of Mardin's 22 Peshitta books from the original 22 eastern Peshitta book canon? And where did it's "Western 5" books come from, if it contains them at all?
2) The UBS Syriac Bible (Red book), according to the UBS website says it's text is from the Samuel Lee Syriac bible and the Mosul 1891 text which is a replica of the Crawford Codex. Now, is the
Samuel Lee Syriac text an exact replica of the unchanged 22 eastern Peshitta books? And is it's "Western 5" books from the 1891 Mosul? The UBS website only states that the Apocrypha is from the Mosul 1891, but says nothing
of Revelation and the missing epistles coming from the Mosul 1891.
3) And finally, the New Covenant Aramaic New Testament clearly says that it's 22 books are from the Peshitta, with the "Western 5" books coming from the 1891 Mosul. Now, is this Peshitta an original and unchanged Peshitta?
That is my only concern with this one. In addition to that my only problem with it is I would prefer it to be a Syriac text. If both the Aramaic New Covenant and the UBS (Red book) are the same, as in, original unchanged 22 book Peshitta with the 1891 Mosul replica of the Crawford's "Western 5" books, then by all means I would rather get the UBS book for it's Syriac text and pretty appearance.

So long story short, which is better out of the Red UBS book, and the Aramaic New Covenant book? And how does the superior book out of those two compare to the Peshitto of Mardin?

I hope that's not too much to ask, I've been studying the Peshitta for just a few weeks. I actually happen to have downloaded the entire original 22 book eastern Peshitta along with the 'Western 5" books from the Crawford Codex all in PDF and wanted to see if they existed together in book form, or if the Peshitto of Mardin was superior to those or not and why. Thank you.
Images of the text.

[Image: 81lrSyO6BfL._AA1500_.jpg]

[Image: 71BkuNbaiyL._AA1500_.jpg]

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