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peshitta translations
Are there any peshitta translations out there that " ena na" translated as the living God and MarYah in it or translated correctly?
Glenn David Bauscher translates "ena na" as "I AM THE LIVING GOD" in The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English, as well as in his Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament. MarYah is translated as "LORD JEHOVAH" (Jehovah is chosen because of Christians being more familiar with it, rather than the more correct "Yahweh" pronunciation). His New Testament is reliable for the most part and pretty literal, while still retaining readability. I recommend getting his translation and interlinear.
"I AM THE LIVING GOD" does not appear in The Aramaic NT in those places. "LORD JEHOVAH" would work I guess, if The Aramaic NT had the Hebrew, Greek and then latanised readings present there in those places in its Text. David obviously likes the way it looks and sounds though, thus the BIG LETTERS. I think "I AM" and MarYa is fine, or maybe Master-Yah for "Marya". I believe Eshu is telling us there in the "I AM" passages, that He is indeed YHWH in the flesh...The same Person who was speaking to Moses on the Mountain, The Word of God, through whom The Father created all things, and in whom, He always reveals Himself. His "visable image".

When David just translates what is actually in his copy of The 1920 UBS Western Peshitto version...then he does a fair job over all. I prefer his interlinear version though, which is more accurate in his renderings there, but don't use it that much these days, as I'm getting better at reading The Aramaic Text in the awesome Estrangela script.

I just bought the book that I think is recommended by Andrew Gabriel Roth by thackston I believe. maybe in a few months I can read the estrangela script that Andrew also recommends. thanks for your input!
Brother Chuck might be more of an expert in the area of translations than I am. David Bauscher gets more interpretive in his "Plain English" translation than in his interlinear. I do recommend getting both or just using them on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Andrew Gabriel Roth's Aramaic English New Testament is superior to Bauscher's. It is more literal but there are some times in which his theological bias creeps in, but not very much. His is closer to the Eastern Peshitta than Bauscher's (only agrees with the Western Peshitto in one place, and it was because of an accident from the Younan Interlinear). Roth's AENT is a Messianic revision of the Younan Interlinear and the Murdock New Testament. He does a very good job, but like every other translation, it isn't perfect.

I'd mostly recommend getting a hold of Janet Magiera's Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Translation (which comes in a standard edition and a Messianic version). The standard version has footnotes, while the Messianic version does not. Janet Magiera has virtually no theological bias creep into her translation. She also has a three-volume Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Vertical Interlinear that is outstanding.
only one thing, Magiera's translation is from the western Peshitto text not from the eastern Peshitta!
I have the messianic version and like it!
Kind regards

Yea, Mic... It's about half Peshitto, and half Peshitta in its East/West variant readings, plus adds the W5. As I go through it verse by verse, I find that Janet tends to be a bit "dynamic equivalent", more than I like, where she could have gone the more literal route and it read just fine in English, getting all the words in...or most of them...and I'm almost certain that she has used The Way International's translation as her base text, editing it where she thought it should be. The Way International's Aramaic text for the 22 books is a composite text from four 5th/6th century Mss. Which I have found at least one of them, ADD. 14473, to be a Jacobite copy. The others may well be as well, as they all are said to have come from the same ancient western Jacobite Monastery.


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