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My fellow countrymen!
shalom a'aliykem achim!
shlama amkum achi!

My name is Yishmael and I will try to summarize my life story here in short to reach the conclusion why I'm here;

I was adopted when I was still a baby by a european family when my mother and grandparents had fled south-east Turkey because of persecution (kurds don't mind killing Nestorians and they did so with my father) because of certain reasons I was put up for adoption, now the adoption lady told my parents "his parents are turkish muslims", all my life that mantra was repeated when I asked where I was from (since I am middle-eastern brown and my adoption family is white..).
But I asked myself, why did turkish muslims have to run from Turkey? The only people in Turkey who I had heard of that were ever persecuted were kurds or alevi, but my parents told me I was "from an extreme muslim environment" safe to say I assumed that meant sunni islam instead of alevi since alevi don't believe in the mosque or qor'an but are humanists, doesn't sound extreme to me....

Anyways, a year ago, I decided to go check my story in the official adoption records and the lady read my file and she read "your parents were from a minority, chaldeans" I was shocked that I didn't even know all my life where I was truly from and also started digging what "chaldean" meant since I've been Torah observant for about four years now and I thought the Chaldeans were long gone like most ancient peoples... I found out after much research that us Nestorians, church of the east, are no one else than Bni Yisrael !

We live on the exact same area to where the Bible says Bet Yisrael was exiled! We don't eat pork! We have a theocratic society where the Partriarch runs theocratic and secular things, which is identical to the system of Kohen HaGadol during Temple times in Yisrael! We have Yisraelite names that are not used by christians or muslims! We do Shelomim, which is the kind of offering that is peculiar to only Yisrael! And at least until the 13th century, Yom haShabat (on saturday not sunday like now) was observed by us!

The list goes on, safe to say, we are indeed Bet Yisrael, the nestorians!
If there is a Nestorian brother of mine here on this forum, can you please respond to this? I am wondering if there are other Nestorians who know what our identity is because it's not assyrian or chaldean or aramean, we are Bet Yisrael!!!!

P.s. I know it's shabat today but Yeshua did good on shabat too and preached on shabat too because it is part of haShabat.

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