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Lord's Prayer from Malayalam to English
Hello Everyone,
I thought I should put the translation of Lord's Prayer from Malayalam to English. I will try to put in English reading style (Lord's Prayer in Malayalam is similar to Matthew 6:9-13 in Peshitta).

Our Father in Heaven
holy be your Name
your Kingdom come
your Will be done
as it is in heaven
also on earth
give us the food
of our need this day
and forgive us our debts and our sins
as we have forgiven our debtors
and do not enter us into test
but deliver us from the evil one
because yours is the kingdom
and the power and the glory
forever and ever, amen.

(From Syrian Orthodox Church Qurbana Kramam)

Lord's Prayer in Kerala changes according to denomination. I think Lord's prayer in Catholic Denominations is a translation of English.

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