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Three cheers for spiritual milk
Shlama lukhon,

I was looking at some verses and their commentaries on e-Sword and noticed that the Greeks weren't big on the idea of "spiritual milk" but the Peshitta has this expression in 1st Peter 2:2. For instance, James Murdock's translation...

And be like infant children; and crave the word, as being the pure spiritual milk by which ye are nourished up to life;

The Apostolic Bible Polyglot - Greek with Strong's numbers translates "logikon" as "rational" climbing into the soulish realm as opposed to the spiritual of the Peshitta whereas "logikon" in the KJV is translated as "of the word." A nice linkage of thought is missed here by the Greeks because just three verses down in 1st Peter 2:5 "spiritual temples" and "spiritual sacrifices" are mentioned. Even here it seems that the English translators have shied away from "spiritual temple" and went with "spiritual house" even though "oikos" has been translated as "temple" elsewhere in the N. T. by the KJV translators. The only synonyms for Aramaic "hikla" are palace, temple or church in Payne Smith's Compendious Dictionary.
As an aside, there's a commentator on "milk" I should mention. RAbbi SHlomo Itzakhi (you can now see where Rashi comes from), considered the "father" of all commentaries on the Talmud and Tanakh, uses the expression "milk of the law" with reference to Isaiah 55:1 "... buy wine and milk without money and without price." Well, didn't Yeshua say "Do not think that I have come to loosen/subvert the law or the prophets. I have not come to loosen but fulfill." (I'm borrowing from James Murdock and Akhi Paul on that rendering). <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

Shlama w'Burkate, Bro. Larry

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