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Matthew 5:34 translation of 'sakh'
Is it possible, in view of 1 Timothy 1:4,5 and Romans 10:4 (where the same Aramaic word 'sak' is used) to translate the saying of Jeshua in Matthew 5:34
as follows:

The following is Etheridge:
"But I say unto you, Swear not at all: not by heaven, for it is the throne of Aloha; "

My proposition on 1 Timothy 1:4,5
"But I say unto you, Swear not endlessly: not by heaven, for it is the throne of Aloha; "

1 Timothy 1:4 (Etheridige)
"nor throw themselves (away) upon stories and tales of generations which have no end" (or are endless?)

This would be in harmony with Jeremiah 12:6, where it is said that they SHALL swear in my name, says YHWH. So, if the OT is not in contradiction with any of Jesus sayings, we should try to find a harmonized translation, I think (not automatically stick to tradictional translation)
I don't have any perspective on the reference to Jeremiah, but can maybe offer some comments on the word (sok)

(sok) is a very tricky word. Not sure I have the right handle on it either. But consider these two verses where the bold represents (sok):

His-substance thus, of-the-Law, the-Anointed he-it-be; to-the-righteousness to-all of-so-belieiving. - Romans 10:4.

... saying I-am to-you, not ye-to-pledge substance; not in the-the-heavens, of-the-throne he-it-be of-the-Alah. - Matthew 5:34

Or try substituting "intent" for "substance" and you might have another possibility for (sok). "substance" is just as a 'placeholder' for now. Assuming that the word has one general meaning, then it has to fit the context of all the verses it is used in. And that can never be assured until all of its uses are examined.

And I forgot to include 1 Timothy 4 which would then be rendered:

nor throw themselves (away) upon stories and tales of generations; of-substance not-being to-them.

Note that "purpose" and "importance" are also synonyms that might be tried.

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