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Common and Uncommon cognates of Aramaic & Hebrew
[b]I hope this is not too complex but I have a question regarding just a handful of cognate words (companion words between the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament with the words of the Hebrew Old Testament):

The backround of this is mainly Paul's writing in 2 Cor 3 and Paul's use of the terms for "Glory." But:

(1)Am I under the correct assumption that Pauls' use for the word for "Glory" has no common root word for "Glory" in the Hebrew Old Testament (See Exodus 40:34,35, plus all the references that deal with the "Cloud filling the temple" passages in Exodus, 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles. The Hebrew word for "Glory" in these OT passages is the same but Paul's usage of this word is different in 2 Cor 3; right??) ??

(2)But there is for sure a common root word or cognate for "Temple" (or Sanctuary) for both the Aramaic NT and Hebrew OT?? And also for "Filled" as used in Acts 4:31 and Acts 4:8 when it states ". . . they/he were 'FILLED' with the Holy Sp." ?? And (3). . .

For the word "Believe."I think I had a more difficult time with this and the Aramaic word for "Believe" is not really coming from the same cognate as to "Believe" in the Hebrew OT (as used in Gen 15:6, for example)??

Thank-you so kindly,

Mike Karoules

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