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To: Andrew Gabriel Roth
Grace and Peace, my name is tom, a servant of Messiah (it is always a priviledge to say that), I only want to thank you for everything you have done. I have read through much of your Ruach Qadim books and purchased and read much of AENT, I must say that it took about six months for the Spirit of Elohim to carve away at my rugged 'scholarship' of the New Testament, and come to humbly see the beauty in celebrating Torah as the wonder from God that it is. I am just a beginner in all this but I and my wife are having quite an adventure learning from God all the things we have never been taught in Bible school or traditional churches. So, in short, thank you for remaining honest to the truth despite the criticism I am sure you must face often (rejoice insofar as you share in the Messiah's suffering), thank you for leading I and my wife to a better understanding of who God is and what Messiah has done.

May all Glory go to The Eternal God
through His Blessed Son
Messiah Y'shua
Our Master.
Shlama to you Akhi Tom,

Thank you very much for your extremely kind words. They are much appreciated, and I think I will forward your message to Baruch as I am sure he would want to read them too.

It's funny in a way. I have also been on a journey over the years in putting this together. There have been many bumps in the road before, during and after, but I believe the results have been more than worth it. We all suffer for the truth in our own ways and we all vigorously contend for the faith.

Yes I guess some of the criticism was I thought unfair or a little nasty. But much of it was also helpful, whether the original authors of it intended it or not. Some got it right away. Others got mad and retracted later. We anticipated a lot of this, and were surprised by other things. All in all though, a very satisfying ride thus far. Sometimes your best editors are actually your critics and they are more willing to do that for free! I told that to my proofreader and she got a big kick out of that observation.

I'll tell you one thing I learned big time. After Mari was released I got all sorts of requests all over the world to begin working on a Tanakh translation. I still might do that, but I realized entertaining that when this process of reviewing Mari had just begun was premature. I need to keep working on this project first and foremost.

I guess in the end, it's not really about me at all. It's about this holy text and trying to show its beauty which is the same beauty as its Author. Along the way, a few shots here and there, is more than worth the price for the honor of doing it.
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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