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Adding Picture to Profile
Shlama Akhi Yaaqub:
How do I add a picture to my Profile like your Mar Thoma Cross?

Shlama Akhi Stephen,

Click "User Control Panel" toward the top of the screen on the left side (next to the link that notifies you of how many new messages you have).

Click the "Profile" tab. Then on the left, the third link in the menu should be "Edit avatar". Click that.

From there you can browse your PC for a small graphic. It has to be very small (no more than 80x80 pixels height/width and 6 kb or less).

After finding the graphic you want, click submit.

Alternatively, you can link to a graphic somewhere online. Hope that helps.

Ya'aqub Younan-Levine
Ya'aqub Younan-Levine

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