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Luke 1:15 and Aramaic Particle
Hello all. I have a couple of easy questions, I think, for those knowledgable in Aramaic. The first has to do with Luke 1:15 where Luke writes that John is to be filled with the Holy Sp. (Sp. of Holiness as word for word) WHILE/FROM in his mother's womb. Both Etheredge and Murdock tranlate this passage as something like this: ". . . and he (John) shall be filled with the Holy Sp. even from his mother's womb." I think Dukhrana and Paul Younan translate this as ". . . WHILE IN his mother's womb." To me, ". . . from his mother's womb" as to " . . . while in his mother's womb" is a significant difference. My question is can this particle in Luke 1:15 (in or from) be rendered as it reads in Murdock's or Etheridge's translation, ". . . even from his mothers' womb." ?? Or, is this particle pretty rigid or narrow that it has to be rendered only as " . . . WHILE IN his mother's womb." ?? Are there any examples in the New Testament Aramaic where this particle can translate as ". . . from."?? I guess I will stop at this point.

See, the thing is, if John is only filled with the Sp. of Holiness WHILE IN his mother's womb it does not seem to come across as absolutely clear that he was filled with the Sp. beyond that point. See my point?? Thanks folks,

Grace to all who labor to serve Y'shua as His will for us in the New Covenant.

Mike Karoules

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