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Biblical Anarchism
Shmuel I - Chapter 8
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Early Israel had no government aside from judges to provide restitution for wrongs. When the Israelites asked for a king, G-d told them that they needed no ruler but Him alone, and that they would be punished for placing men above His authority. Look at the hysteria in our society over presidential candidates, it is the same rejection of G-d that led to the rule of Saul. King David himself wrote "Do not trust in princes, in the son of men, who has no salvation."
Shlama Spyridon,

Though this has nothing to do with Aramaic/Peshitta Primacy, I wholeheartedly concur. Though what you say is too tough for most people to swallow, I concur. If this were the underpinning to understanding the Will of God, then Yeshua is the crux. I personally find it hard to see the latter, apart from resting atop the former. We call Yeshua our King upon our lips, but our passions especially in America seem to be far removed from what we say. Yet, MarYah knows the hour we are in, and His vantage point is the only one I???m interested in. I???ve heard recently that it is a so-called sin to not vote, but I guess that???s where I draw the line: fear of God, or fear of man? Law of God, or law of man? The Peshitta New Testament seems pretty clear to me; and so does the Peshitta Old Testament. So when I hear brethren clamoring to the voting booths, making a noise that reaches Heaven, and I wonder: what does this sound like going into MarYah???s ears? ??? I dread, I recoil, and I decide to forget hearing, and instead Shema: hear AND obey! And funny enough, all out of love. Truly, where your treasure is, there also will be your heart. That???s what the Text says.

I kinda like Sh???muel myself.

Biblical Anarchism
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Yes, the only man we should look to is the lord jesus. Remember how samuel was upset, but the people wanted a king, and they got saul, but they suffered under his reign.
And one day soon a man will arise, and he will seem to have all the answers, but later he will deceive the people, this will be the antichrist

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