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About Board Editing
Shlama all,

I'm bussy testing out my "Moderator Control Panel" at the moment. I'm moving certain topics from this board to more appropriate sections, in order that the forum be organized and to avoid clutter. Eg: I have moved the "Masoretic Text" threads to the OT section and the "Rabbi reveals Messiah's Name" thread to the "Messianic/Nazarene" section. So if you come here and wonder "where's the topic?" know that I haven't deleted it, just moved it to the section that is designed to deal with topic. There's only been one hiccup, where on my first try I've accidentally deleted Spyridon's "Jesus in the OT" thread after moving it to the OT thread, seems the feature doesn't save the copy after the delete button is hit, eek!

To Spyridon, note that this was an accident and not because I didn't like what you wrote, so feel free to rewrite that topic in the OT section, it's my first day on the job, so please bear with me LOL. Akhan Paul, is there a way for to recover deleted posts? I'll copy this post to the "Technical" section, just thought I'd post it here too, as this board in the most frequently read and I want to be transparent with everyone about this. Do feel free to object.

Shlama w'burkate,

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