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(New) For Akhi Andrew Gabriel Roth
My Brother Andrew,

You don't tell us how your tibia plateau is healing. This might not be an entirely bad thing, as we both know who reads here.

But you said that you are weary. A major break, like a tibia plateau break, REQUIRES A LOT OF REST to heal from.

Yes, PT is good too, but wearing yourself out with ANYTHING, even with Mari/PEACE, at this time, is probably NOT a good idea.

I'd rather have Mari in DECEMBER, than you get sicker, and hurt more.

I KNOW how hard that you have worked, maybe more than anybody else here on the Forum.

As the Eagles once sang: "TAKE IT EASY".

Be good to yourself, get A LOT of rest and don't worry, because Mari will get here on Alaha's time.

We'll pray for you, and you just REST in Adon Yeshua. Si?

Shlama in Messiah, Albion
Shlama Akhi Albion...

What---I don't go "oy vey" enough as it is??

Seriously, thank you for asking. I am healing up very well. My doctor's appointment is on Thursday and I am very hopeful that I will be told I can put weight on the knee again. If so, I should be back to work in about 3 weeks.

A lot depends on how much weight they say I can do. If it is just a tiny bit, then I still can't drive (if I have to slam on the brakes). My doctor is very conservative and I trust him. I have been fortunate to have avoided surgery and had minimal pain over these last 2 months.

I have also dropped a lot of weight during my convalecense because walking on a walker burns about a zillion calories a minute--at least it feels like that.

Oh, and I don't think Mari will take until might want to stay tuned for that.

Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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