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CoE commentary on Acts 17:27
Shlama akhi Paul,

Wondering if you can give me some insight into this verse from a CoE and Aramaic perspective, since the Greek version is different. Did Mar Ephraim or Aphrahat have anything to say about Acts 17:27?

Thank you,
Hi Khati Christina,

The difference mainly in the Aramaic is that we are to know Him from his creation, making sense of course in the context of the ridicule of the concept of the "unknown god." I think the Greek reading there, that we "touch" or "reach out" to Him comes from a mistranslation of the Aramaic "w'Men Beryatheh Meshkhyn Leh" ("and from His creation they will find him").

I don't know of any patristic references off hand, but I will try and look.
Thank you for that akhi Paul, and you're right the Aramaic puts the verse in proper perspective and makes it much more understandable. And no rush with the Patristic quotes, though I'm sure that the Eastern Fathers will definately have something insightful to say. Thank you again.

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