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Synodicon Orientale
Synodicon Orientale

[Image: 320_245193.jpg]

This volume contains an abridged reprint of the "Synodicon Orientale" published by J. B. Chabot in 1902 at Paris. Originally this book contained an edition of the Syriac text as well as a French translation of the "Book of the Eastern Synods" of the Church of the East. This abridged reprint contains only the Syriac text, the table of contents, the introduction, and four indices at the end giving the names of people and places in Syriac and in French. The "Book of the Eastern Synods" contains the official records and acts of the first 13 synods of the Church of the East from 410 A.D. to 775 A.D. and constitutes one of the most important primary sources for the history of the Church of the East in its early years.

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Reprinted by Atour Publications
The above book covers the following Synods:

1. The Synod of Mar Iskhaq (410 A.D.)
2. The Synod of Mar Yabhalaha (420 A.D.)
3. The Synod of Mar Dadisho (424 A.D.)
4. The Synod of Mar Aqaq (486 A.D.)
5. The Synod of Mar Bawai (497 A.D.)
6. The Synod of Mar Awa (544 A.D.)
7. The Synod of Mar Yosip (554 A.D.)
8. The Synod of Mar Khaziqil (576 A.D.)
9. The Synod of Mar Isho???yabh (586 A.D.)
10. The Synod of Mar Saurisho (596 A.D.)
11. The Synod of Mar Grigor (605 A.D.)
12. The Synod of Mar Gewargis (676 A.D.)
13. The Synod of Mar Khnanisho (775 A.D.)

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