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The next time the phony priest, Dimitri Grekoff, pretends...
#1 tell you, Albion, that the CoE does not believe in Aramaic primacy, please make sure to point him to this document and let him know that the Patriarch who (unfortunately) ordained him must be rolling over in his grave.

From the pen of Mar Eshai Shimun of blessed Memory, 119th Patriarch of Babylon: ( a large PDF file, please allow a few minutes to load )

If this phony priest (who is now expelled from the CoE, BTW, due to his cooperation with the former Bishop) had any shame, any respect for the memory of the Patriarch who (unfortunately) ordained him, he would keep his mouth shut and not pretend to speak for the Church of the East.

I, for one, am glad he is now an outsider.
Dear Paul,

Father Klutz sent me a copy of this document and a copy of 'The Marganitha--On The Truth About Christianity', long ago.

This is one of the BEST historical booklets about The Assyrian Church of the East that I've ever read!

Thanks for putting it up on the board.

Shlama, Albion

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