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Variance in Acts 20:28 has led to more questions.
Hi John,

bj bear Wrote:Is there an Aramaic text only with critical apparatus similar to the Nestle-Aland?

Not really a need for one, as there are no significant variants in the eastern textual tradition.

Gwilliam and Pusey created a critical edition comparing 42 or so manuscripts from both the eastern and western texts, but that is quite useless as these manuscripts are not really the same version.

When the Aramaic church broke up in 431 AD - there became two main traditions, that of the western half under Byzantine rule and that of the eastern half under Persian rule.

Because the eastern half was isolated from the rest of Christendom and living under a pagan government (with no "official Christian creed"), its manuscripts are considered to be superior.

bj bear Wrote:Is there a convenient way to know if the books on the Bookstore link are based on the Peshitta or Peshitto?

This is the eastern text: (Aramaic only)

bj bear Wrote:What hard copy Bible would you recommend?

Lamsa's is pretty good, except for a few translation errors he had with supernatural issues like demons, angels, etc. Also, with issues regarding the divinity of Christ.

No English translation is perfect. Lamsa's is good - but, if your serious about subtle shades of meaning or precision, you should really learn the language itself rather than relying on a third person to do the translating for you. There's no substitute (Greek or English) for the original.

Short of learning the language, the best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon on the "Links" section. It has the original text of the Peshitta there. Using their "text browse" functionality, you can click on a verse number from any book and get English lexical entries for each Aramaic token in the verse. It's a very powerful tool.
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