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The Crawford Codex of Revelation ? Glaser Transcript
Yes, here's the pdf link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... l-Data.pdf</a><!-- m -->

And of course to view the Estrangelo font in the pdf: download Estrangelo

I'll plan to update this pdf each week as I go forward with the Crawford project, so people who want to send me comments before the final can email me or PM.

Also, I have an algorithm ready that will reorganize the final spreadsheet into a printer-friendly Interlinear version of the Codex - that interlinear version will omit my notes and the numbers, so it will just present the Crawford text and the English translation. You can even choose to read from 'right to left or right to left' - the correct answer is to know the possibilities spiral from both directions. Just as the Aramaic word 'messiah' is a wordplay for 'possibility', we can see possibilities in the written word; the Word is alive.

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