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"Eil, Eil": Possible Scribal Error?
SteveCaruso Wrote:Akhi Paul,

I'd argue that it's a bit more than a mere phonetic transcription for emphasis, though, because the plene /)yl/ is also used in terminal theophoric names:

Peshitta/Syriac vs. Other Dialects
/)ysr)yl/ vs /)ysr)l/ or /)y&r)l/ = Israel
/yw)yl/ vs /yw)l/ = Joel
/dny)yl/ vs /dny)l/ = Daniel
/(mnw)yl/ vs /(mnw)l/ = Immanuel
/gbry)yl/ vs /gbry)l/ = Gabriel
/gmly)yl/ vs /gmly)/l/ = Gamaliel
/pnw)yl/ vs /pnw)l/ = Phanuel
/myk)yl/ vs /myk)l/ = Michael

etc. etc. etc.

And yet if the theophoric is initial, it's written defective:

Peshitta Spelling
/)ly)/ = Elijah (a double-theophoric)
/)ly$(/ = Elisha
/)ly(zr/ = Eleazar or Eliezer
/)ly$b(/ = Elizabeth
/)lyqym/ = Eliakim

Given the consistency, this looks more like a dialect feature than mere emphasis.


But again, Syriac name spellings (especially of Hebrew names) is known to be phonetic. So the above examples are consistent with that phenomenon, and unrelated to the OP.


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