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How many original translators were there, approx
Hey you guys, how have you all been?? Mike here from Georgia. Hey, given that Aramaic Primacy is correct - is there a way of knowing or finding out how many DIFFERENT translators (from Aramaic to Greek for the New Testament) there were when the original manuscripts (in the 1st and 2nd century - approx.) were translated from one language to another??

I mean, we believe there was a number of them, say more than a few; but does Aramaic Primacy take a certain position on this issue?? I do know that the number of manuscripts for the NT Aramaic is about 355 MSs if I recall correctly.

We all know that when the Aramaic was translated into Greek(given that Aramaic Primacy is the correct view) - there had to be more than 2 translators translating them into Greek, I believe. But dowe have a way of coming close to the number of translators who translated the manuscripts from one language to another for the first time?? can we say that there were a multiple number of FIRST TIME TRANSLATORS?? Okay, Tks guys for any help on this question or any links or leads that you can give me if this was discussed before, please. Thanks


Mike Karoules
Resident of metro-Atlanta, GA.

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How many original translators were there, approx - by Mike Kar - 01-26-2012, 10:37 PM

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