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source documents for Alexander's Aramaic New Testament
"Eloah" is the Hebrew singular form of the Hebrew plural form "Elohim"...Alaha is the singular form in Aramaic of the singular form of the Hebrew Eloah. As for the name of Messiah (M'Shikha in Aramaic) would be Eshu in Aramaic, but their are other spellings and other forms of it, such as Esho. I don't know how Victor comes up with Eashoa, but it seems he adds the "a" "o" as vowels to Esho for some reason.

Also, his translation below of John 1:1 is rather odd, and I am not sure how he justifies this translation, as somethings are not there in the text. "Manifestation" is possible as a meaning of "Miltha", but "of creation" is just adding his interpretation in the verse as I see it, as well as his adding "the embodiment of".

In the beginning of creation, there was the Manifestation,
that Manifestation was with God,
and God was the embodiment of that Manifestation.
This was in the beginning with God.
Everything was within his power;
otherwise, nothing would ever exist.
Through him, there was Life,
and Life became the spark of humanity,
and that ensuing fire lights the darkness,
and darkness does not overshadow it.


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