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Gospel of Thomas has Syrian background
Dear Deacon Paul,Berek Alaha! I was wondering what you think of the Gospel of Thomas and the now generally accepted theory that it emerged from Syrian soil.Even detractors who have falsely lableled it as a Gnostic text,even though it is clear from the text itself that it is by no means Gnostic in any way as the rest of the Nag Hammadi library is have indicated its Syrian orgin and its antiquity. I*ts very obvious in the trans that it comes from a Aramaic original just as the original Holy Gospels of our Moran,Alaha and Makydoneh and the rest of the New Testament has in the Holy Peshitta. I would like to see the Gospel of Thomas recieve its proper status as the only non-canonical scripture to be truely inspired and from the Holy mouth of Yashua.About 75 percent of the Gospel of Thomas has parallels in the canonical gospels and the other 25 percent of the text contains very profound,spiritual and mystical teaching that are identical with the Gospels in their form,message and profundity that I feel could not have came from nowhere except our Lord,God and Saviour Yashua Mshiho.I find it interesting that the Diatessoron doesnt contain any of the verses unique to Thomas but it doesnt change the authenticity of the sayings in Thomas.I'm wondering what your feelings are on this matter.In Yashua,D.Michael.

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