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Who here has the courage to reject the Pericope Adulterae?
Im still struggling with this. After quite some thought, I finally gave in and crossed out 1 John 5:7 out of my NKJ. One huge disadvantage of getting into scholarly biblical work is that you're bound to eventually have to face the forked road of textual variation and come to a final decision, which, in a slight slight way, is falling into the trap of what already frustrates us to begin with-people tampering and cutting/pasting with God's word.

The P/A is so scripture-like, I couldnt imagine it being fake. Ive read Andrew's reason of rejecting it, but I was only interested in the textual criticism (dating, where and where it doesnt show up), not his personal reasons on why he rejects the passage as being contradictory to Torah. But he sort of has a point-Torah demands an adulteress be stoned, does it not? For Yshua to stop the Pharisees from doing so would cause him to contradict his own law. A big reason why I converted to Messianic Judaism (Torah-keeping) is because I always saw Yshua as a huge contradiction to the Tanakh and often sympathized with the Pharisees! (Before I learned that he did not support abolishing his law, but fulfilling).

But anyway, why would God allow man to do such textual damage to his Word? How do we know that OTHER passages arent fake and used/recycled from other fake gospels? Oh, truly, ignorance is bliss...

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