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visitor to st. john's church in chicago
Shlama Nimrod and Paul,

I've had a longstanding interest in the history of the COE, due to finding this website almost ten years ago. Due to my own Lutheran church background, I have a strong appreciation for liturgy. I also am interested in languages and in getting to know the roots of Christianity. It was quite a good experience to finally be able to visit St. John's last Sunday. I'd been looking forward to the opportunity for a while.

My girlfriend just moved into the area and we are now looking together for a church. A COE church probably isn't the best for us as a couple, so I probably won't be attending much. However, I do hope to remain in contact and perhaps visit occasionally. I thank you, Nimrod, and Paul, and the lady who welcomed me at the door for making me feel welcome.

I grew up in Crystal Lake, Illinois, but have spent the last 6 years in Champaign-Urbana for grad school. I just moved to Evanston a month ago.

bar Sinko

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