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Interesting scribal error

i've been digging around in Hebrews when i've had the time of late, and i ran across this little error in the Khabouris that i thought might be of interest for those here:

Hebrews 7:11
both 1905 and Mingana (the only others i checked) have the reading of L'AMMA, "to the people."
the Khabouris Codex reads L'ALMA, "to eternity/world."

it is an obvious scribal error in this case that resulted in the Khabouris reading.

what was interesting to me that i thought might be also appreciated here is that this is an "in-Peshitta" example of what obviously happened with the Greek translation of Acts 2:47, which has the majority reading of LAYON, "people," but the Bezae codex reads KOSMON, "world." only by misreading the Aramaic L'AMMA is the variant Greek term accounted-for. i remember some years back this example from Acts was brought up here. i don't recall at the moment by whom, or where it is located on the site, but the Acts example is a perfect parallel of a mistake going from Aramaic-to-Greek, just as is this Hebrews "in-Peshitta" example utilizing the same error.

not anything astounding, but interesting....

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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