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The North Eastern Neo-Aramaic Database Project
Check out this site:

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Quote:The North Eastern Neo-Aramaic dialects (generally known as the NENA dialects) form a very diverse group of Aramaic dialects that were spoken until modern times in Northern Iraq, North West Iran and South Eastern Turkey by Christian and Jewish communities. These are among the last remaining living vestiges of the Aramaic language, which was one of the major languages of the region in antiquity. Over the last few decades most of the speakers of these dialects have been forced to leave their places of residence and have settled in numerous ?migr? communities throughout the world. The younger generations of these communities are increasingly losing competence in these dialects and as a result most of the dialects are now in danger of extinction. It is an urgent task for Semitic philology to study and document the dialects while competent speakers can still be located.

I wish I knew better Aramaic! I can recognize only a few words here and there on the audios!
Anyway, I feel very sad about this note on the extinction of these dialects ... :-(
Phil, on the below link my dialect is listed under "Txuma Mazra", but with no audio =(

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I'll have to contact Mr. Geoffrey Khan to see if he'd like some recordings....


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