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Admission that peshitto is older than any Greek mss
Admission that Peshitto/a older than any Greek mss?!?!?!

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The Last Twelve Verses of Mark's Gospel.
This Is Appendix 168 From The Companion Bible.
Most modern critics are agreed that the last twelve verses of Mark 16 are not integral part of his Gospel. They are omitted by T [A]; not by the Syriac Appendix 94. V. ii.
The question is entirely one of evidence.
From Appendix 94 V. we have seen that this evidence comes from three sources: (1) manuscripts, (2) versions, and (3) the early Christian writers, known as "the Fathers". This evidence has been exhaustively analysed by the late Dean Burgon, whose work is epitomized in numbers I-III, below.
I. As to MANUSCRIPTS, there are none older than the fourth century, and the oldest two uncial Manuscripts ( B and , see Appendix 94. V.) are without those twelve verses. Of all the others (consisting of some eighteen uncials and some six hundred cursive Manuscripts which contain the Gospel of Mark there is not one which leaves out these twelve verses.
II. As to the Versions:-
1. The SYRIAC. The oldest is the Syriac in it various forms: the "Peshitto" (cent. 2) and the "Curetonian Syriac" (cent. 3). Both are older than any Greek Manuscript in existence, and both contain these twelve verses. So with the "Philoxenian" (cent.5) and the "Jerusalem" (cent. 5) See note 1.

1 Of these, the Aramaic (or Syriac), that is to say, the Peshitto, is the most important, ranking as superior in authority to the oldest Greek manuscripts, and dating from as early as A.D. 170.
Though the Syrian Church was divided by the Third and Fourth General Councils in the fifth century, into three, and eventually into yet more, hostile communions, which have lasted for 1,400 years with all their bitter controversies, yet the same version is ready to-day in the rival churches. Their manuscripts have flowed into the libraries of the West. "yet they all exhibit a text in every important respect the same." Peshitto means a version simple and plain, without the addition of allegorical or mystical glosses.
Hence we have given this authority, where needed throughout our notes, as being of more value than the modern critical Greek texts; and have noted (for the most part) only those "various readings" with which the Syriac agrees.

How interesting that there are admissions that the Peshitto is indeed older than Greek manuscripts. There goesone of the biggest arguments from Greek primacy believers. However, they do not give details. Do you know which Peshitto manuscript is dated to 2nd century? And what is oldest Greek manuscript?
125 AD. Gospel of John. (The oldest Greek MSS.)
Yes I heard of that little fragment, not dated. Which is the oldest Peshitta manuscript that they speak of? In any case, it seems that before recently, people revered the Peshitta as a 2nd century document.

Even Westcott-Hort, who decided to change their tune afterwards...

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