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Greek New Testament and Peshitta

1) It is so much said against Greek New Testament in this forum. Anyway, I want to thank to Greek New Testament for my salvation in Jesus Christ. Only God knows about the original completely, not the forumers.

2) The Greek NT has many versions, the Aramaic NT has about 6-7 versions too. Possibly, some of them were translated from the Greek. The Peshitta carries many Greek words as we see (so the Greek words are in the original too), and it means that the Apostles were carrying Greek words too, only we do not how many words.

3) I do not know what the word Zorba means. But I saw a lot of mockery over the Greek New Testament in this forum. This is not the way I think.

4) In my country of Ukraine the Christians were heavily persecuted for the word of God. The Christians of Evangelical Faith. Many of them served long prison terms like about 25 years in prison. Yet they did not refused from God. They were taught through so called Zorba who gave them the Word of God.

5) The Greek language was honored to be over the head of Christ when He was crusified. The Hebrew was honored, Latin, nothing was said about word 'Aramaic'. Why so many words against Greek NT, so much humiliation. I believe that this forum is for free opinions, and it is not under dictatorship.

6) About split words. They are not final proof. Look at "The New Covenant Aramaic Peshitta Text with Hebrew Translation". Look at page iv where they tanslated Greek words "Gospel", "Petros", "Namosa" into Aramaic. It is no more unadjusted original. Imagine ancient Greek texts with few Aramaic words in them and the scribes decided to translate these few Aramaic words into Greek, and now they are found as split words, just few words.

7) I am neither Greek nor Syrian or Assyrian. I am new creature in Christ thanks to God. The will of God in many languages, but the main thing is the will.

<!-- s8) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cool.gif" alt="8)" title="Cool" /><!-- s8) -->About translations. I trust more to ancient translations. If Peshitta was translated into Greek, it means that at that time were bilingual people. And these people knew the meanings of the Aramaic words much more exactly then modern translators or "translators". So, I trust more to the ancient translators that to the modern ones.

9) About audio Peshitta. Our brother Paul posted a poll on this subject. I read all the posts and everybody was asking about audio. Yet, brother Paul let go the opinions and continues with the only translation. Sure, everybody has the right to choose what he wants to do. Akhi, I apologise for the criticism. The arguments bear truth often. Enough loosing the Aramaic pronunciations! The history punished us a lot. Let us save the Aramaic language! from splitting into more dialects and more distorted pronunciations comparing to the ancient one. We have a joke. A little american boy in Sacramento asks parents why he understands some americans and some not. The parents answered him that the others are russian americans. They studied the English in their country with the help of transcripts. Paul, the book of four Gospels that You published would be a great and great if You would provide it with CD disc of reading the Aramaic not by each verse but at least by each chapter.

Here I want to remind one proverb that our critics are often our mirrors from behind and sides.

God bless You all.


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