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Tips on Mastering of Languages
Shlama, akhay,
I want to write for You some tips on mastering languages. Master Aramaic as Your own.
Here are they:
"Natural Way of Language Mastering

1. A small baby, sleeps most time.
2. Baby sleeps and hears talking ( not understands (NU), not pays attention(NA).
3. Watches parents talking, singing but NU and NA.
4. Watches parents talking to her (pays attention PA), NA.
5. Watches parents showing things and naming them but NA.
6. Plays toys, hears talking, NA, NU.
7. Watches (interested in all things), PA, (understand U) something.
8. Repeats, U, talks a lot, asks a lot of questions.
9. Watches pictures, discusses about them.
10. Reads books, verses, songs, retells them.


25 times accelerated text sounding AS (e.g. on tape, the recorded speach 25 times faster then normal).
A word blinking on screen accelerated 25 times AV .
Beautiful, calm music BM.
Versed words VW.
A picture on the screen SP.
A word on the screen SW.
Aware listning AL.
Not aware listening NL.

Some results: listening to somebody reading dictionary (word - translation) in a calm beautiful music, gave amazing results!!!!! About 1000 words at one time reading.
Listening to somebody reading dictionary (word - translation) with speed about 10 couples of words a second, gave tremendous results!!!!!!!! A person, listening many hours a day to it, during about 10 days, mastered about 6000 words.

There are short memory and long memory. One is especially good approximately at 9 - 11 am., another approximately 4 - 6 p.m. It is good.
The memory is working good when a person badly wants to sleep (Either late evening (or middle of nght) or early morning). This is the state for studying a language.
Pounding of rain or ticking of clock helps the study.
A good humor helps study. Reading or repeating aloud helps study.
Singing with unknown words helps to study. Thinking (at least partially) in foreign language helps study. Think in that language without translating an object.
Conversation with somebody in that language helps a lot!!!
Read texts, skip unknown words not to take a lot of time from you, watch TV etc.
Imagine that you have to communicate only in this language, as if you know not other language, except that foreign which you study.
Write a lot in this language.
High frequency voices are better to remember.
Playing the recorded words backword greatly helps remembering."
Many of these methods are to be more developed.


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