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A thought on the Aramaic language
Shlomo akhuy,

I had a thought which I figured would be good to share on this forum...and that is regarding the meaning of individual letters (for those who aren't familiar with pictogram languages such as Hebrew and Aramaic)and the message they contain. Let me build my case for a moment. For example the word "ish" in Hebrew means man...and this word is made up of 3 letters, aleph, youd, and shin. Now the aleph represents power (ancient ox head symbol), the youd represents work (ancient arm with elbow), and finally shin (ancient symbol depicting 2 front teeth) represents eating. Therefore "man" can be broken down in ancient Hebrew as "the power to work and to eat". So then "A man who doesn't work shouldn't eat"...etc

Now the word "esh" has no youd... so it is only "the power to eat or consume". This word means fire in the Hebrew. And this is what fire does! I could go on indefinitely here but my point is in the Aramaic rendering of words. Get this!

Many Hebrew words when translated into Aramaic lose the Hey (which means look or behold)at the end of the word and in it's place an aleph (meaning power)is put there instead. So here's my thought (if you can follow me thus far) the Old Testament things were presented as a picture of things to look...behold! As in a "can you see????" But with the coming of the New Covenant comes the power and the accomplishment..hence the aleph. From hey to aleph or from promise to accomplishment! Try it out and compare some words...there is something to this and quite possibly a clue as to why Yeshua communicated in the Aramaic. This is no coincidence in my understanding. What do others think of this?

knowledge without understanding is just more clutter in the mind but with the framework of love one can build (edify) with it.

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