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About archived forum
Shlama, Paul,
would You please tell how to browse the archived forum.
When I click on word "archive", it appears word "Current", when I click on the word "Current" it appears word "Archive" and I cannot access the archived forum texts.
Thank You.
Shlama Ivan,

The bug is permanently fixed now (I hope.) Search away!
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
[Image: sig.jpg]
Shlama, Paul. When one click in the archived forum on a topic, the message appears "SCRIPT ERROR!!!
There was an error in processing your request.
Following is the error message:
Script Message: Error in subroutine writedata: Can't open /sites/
System Message: Permission denied

Please notify the administrator of this site.
Thank you. " Would You solve the problem. Thank You. Ivan.
Shlama, Paul,
Now the archived forum works.
Thanks to one who did this.
I consider this archived forum to be very precious.

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