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Aramaic Primacy proved by computer word analysis

I never wrote that "
Quote:translations and corruptions have codes too
What I said was that The Hebrew text of the OT shows a significant number of ELS's in The BHS edition, though fewer than in The Koren Edition, as there are differences in the two texts, on the order of several hundred letters; in other words they differ by less than 0.5 %.
All texts have ELS's in them; the point of my experiment is to see if
they occur in highly significant numbers; this is mathematically measurable . They occur in highly significant numbers only in The Peshitta NT and in The Hebrew OT.

Other studies I have posted have nothing to do with codes; they are word comparisons showing that The Peshitta was translated into Greek and not vice-versa. These are based on the Hebrew OT and LXX model , which I show also in the table of data;(see JacobitePesh&Greekwordstudies.htm , listed in my first post.)

Dave B
I am sorry, these are not Your words but the ones of drmlanc.
Although, I admit that translations possibly have codes too.

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