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Steve's opinion of The Aramaic Scriptures (The Peshitta)
There would be very little to show as to variants between The Peshitta and those versions of it produced in the West. There are a few changes that were made to the original form of The Peshitta (Eastern Text) which involve doctrine, but the others are just addition of certain verses and words found in the Greek version in use among the West, and some dialectical changes and name spellings.

As to what dialect or rather dialects Jesus may have used in the 1st century, not one soul on this planet knows for sure. Based on the wording found in The Gospels though, it seems He knew a number of them, or that those dialects were not so dissimilar as to cause too much confusion as to what was being said. I don't see why Jesus would not be multi-dialect, and use what was best sutied for the audience. He may have used some Greek and Latin as well.

According to what is written in Assemani's Bibliotheca Orientalis, The Text/Words which have come down to us in The Peshitta, have been the same since 78 A.D. when it was given to The Church of the East in "Edessen Letters",

Do you find it odd that Steve calls his project "The Aramaic New Testament", while using an English translation of a certain Greek text for his main source text, and then the words of Jesus in his hypothetical "Galilean Dialect", which he has to admit may or may not have been what Jesus used as to the exact words Steve produces.

I will be sticking with the tried and true Aramaic Holy Scriptures as given in The Peshitta.

If anyone might find something that isn't true therein, please point it out and we can discuss it.


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