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Questions from a Presbyterian
Adithia said:
Quote:In my opinion Metropolitan John Zizioulas of Pergamon will be the next EP and Metropolitan Hilarion of Alfeyev will be the next MP. Both are very outspoken on full communion with Rome.

I have spoken to one of the Eastern Orthodox priest's in my area, and he told me that he was told by a leading Bishop of the EO, that if this, or any future EP unites with the Church of Rome, then the Church of Rome has gained another Catholic, and the EO will gain another Patriarch.

The EO believe very strongly that the RCC left them, The Church....not the other way around....and they consider themselves to be the one and only true Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, all by themselves... and that the "Papists" as they often call them, are "heterodox" and "heretical" in some of their doctrines, and will need to repent of that, and correct them...then they can be part of The Church again.

But, if you think that the RCC will change any of those doctrines, you are very naive. They can't ever do so, since they teach that the Pope is infallible when it comes to all their dogmatic doctrines. You see, in their mind, to admit that they/he, made a mistake, it means that God/Jesus Himself made a mistake.


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