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Questions from a Presbyterian
adithia.kusno Wrote:Back then in ancient past, Roman citizens can visit CoE and received communion there. It's that kind of communion that I refer to as unity. Currently after Nestorian schism this full communion hasn't been restored.

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Hi Adithia,

In that case the unity that you speak of has always been there on the CoE side. To this day (and, always in the past), baptized Christians of any branch of the Universal Church are always welcome to Communion at the CoE. My wife happens to be a Roman Catholic, and attends Communion at the CoE, as I do at her Roman Rite parish. Incidentally, that was not the case with the Roman side before 1994. But the CoE side, that recognition of sacraments (Communion, Marriage, etc.) has always been extended to all of the Church branches (RC, EO, OO, etc - even if that courtesy is not reciprocated). I don't know what further "unity" you are striving for? If not for recognition of the Pope as somehow the head of the Universal Church ? That will never happen, again, as I said.

The Bishop of Rome is *not* (I repeat, *not*) the "elder brother" in any sense of the term to the Bishop of Babylon (nor of Antioch, Jerusalem, etc.) In our view he is the Head of the Western Bishops, due to the organization in the Western Empire. As the Catholicos of the East is the Head of the Bishops in the Eastern Empire. Neither the Head of the Eastern Bishops is over (or, "elder") to the Head of the Western Bishops, nor the other way around.

We do not now, nor have ever subscribed to any sort of "Papal Primacy" argument from Rome. If that is what you call "co-equal" in regards to the relationship between your Patriarch, and the Pope of Rome - I'm sorry, but that is not being truthful. You are merely playing semantics like the EO do with their phony "First among Equals" answer. There is no "First among Equals", it is a logical fallacy - the type of which led to the debacle at Ephesus in the first place. I don't play Greek logic, I play Semitic logic - and "Equals" means there are no "Firsts", or "Elders." Or whatever term you want to use.

Of course you may add me on Facebook. Take care.


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