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Questions from a Presbyterian
Paul Younan Wrote:Hi again Adithia.

Please do not use Ashur Soro as a representative of the CoE. He was laicized by the Holy Synod of the Church of the East, and no longer carries the title of "Mar". He was stripped of all apostolic authority and is neither an Assyrian CoE representative, nor an authority on our dogma. He in no way speaks for our tradition. He is currently a Chaldean.

And no, just because the CoE accepted the Nicene council, that does not mean we were under the authority of the Roman/Byzantine church. The decrees of Nicea were brought to us nearly 80 years after the proceedings, and we did accept them out of courtesy to our Western Brethren (not out of necessity).

There has never been ecclesiastical communion with the Roman Church, nor will there ever be as I said, as long as that formula demands the acceptance of any primacy of a bishop over the Catholicos of Babylon, HH Mar Dinkha.

Again, this is a non issue and will never occur within that framework. We shall remain independent as we have always been. We do not need the Romans nor the OO, and we especially do not need the EO.

Hi Paul,

He is one of the representative during the signing of joint declaration. His view which I referred to is the view of ACoE when he was still an ACoE bishop. My own Patriarch is co-equal with the Holy See, we're not even under the authority of the Roman See. Our Patriarchate acknowledge that Bishop of Rome as our older brother who preside in love (St. Ignatius of Antioch). Unity with Rome is never about submission under the jurisdiction of Roman See. All Patriarchs are co-equal, including HH Mar Dinkha IV. Yes, it'll never occur within that framework, ACoE will remain independent as you have always been. Unity with Rome is only in a matter of full communion. Illustration will help, the ten tribes each are independent and perfectly Israelites, whether or not they're in communion with the Temple or with House of David in Jerusalem. Valid circumcision, valid passover, valid priesthood, valid synagogue, and thoroughly independent. In this illustration, ACoE is similar to Babylonian Jews who since the time of exilic period decided to stay in Persia. OO is similar to Alexandrian Jews, and EO with the ten tribes. Eastern Catholic is parallel with Benjamites who chose to align them self in communion (not submission under) co-equally with the tribe of Judah. Back then in ancient past, Roman citizens can visit CoE and received communion there. It's that kind of communion that I refer to as unity. Currently after Nestorian schism this full communion hasn't been restored.

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