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Questions from a Presbyterian
Thirdwoe Wrote:"unbaptized pagans, devoid of all grace."" is not Orthodox teaching, but the views of a very few crazies who use the name Orthodox." - FrJohn D'Alton
"Abouna Peter Farrington (OO Priest) "If that were the case then why do the Greek and Coptic Churches in Alexandria, and the Antiochian and Syrian Churches allow inter-communion? Why is Metropolitan Hilarion calling for reunion? Why are Oriental Orthodox communed in EO Churches all over the world? Why do so many EO attend and receive in my Churches? This is an aspect of a pseudo-traditionalism in the EO that ignores the facts of history."

Hi Thirdwoe,

I never said anything about OO view of ACoE. I agree that not all EO agree. You can find article on Orthodox Info. What you get from Ask an Orthodox Priest is mostly a moderate version, which is good. But if you want to get the fundamental point of view (non ecumenist) then you need to check Ask About the Orthodox Faith. AOP for example deny Toll House, while AAOF accept it. From AAOF point of view AOP is a modernist group. AAOF would not allow Orthodox to pray together or having common prayer with heterodox.
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Both Fr. John and Abouna Peter are nice people, and I do agree with them that such view are extremists. But sadly Fr. John is considered as a modernist in another group, and Abouna Peter is from Oriental Orthodox. EO don't consider OO as Orthodox. You can read article from Orthodox Info. I myself disagree with Orthodox Info because I'm an ecumenist. But EO and OO as majority is still in opposition with ecumenical dialogue.

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