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Questions from a Presbyterian
Aramaic Wrote:If this is true, where can I find this belief written in any official EO document, or in any of the EO's books? Where did you hear it from exactly? If from a member of their clergy, then please name the Deacon, Priest, or Bishop, and the name of and the city of the Parish they said it in, if you know. Thanks.

You can go to Ask About the Orthodox Faith group on Facebook. They consider Ask an Orthodox Priest to be a modernist group. AAOF is more fundamental while AOP is more ecumenical. You can check Orthodox Info also. This is why if you ask in AAOF you'll hear them explaining why non-Orthodox must be baptized because their heterodox baptism were invalid and void of grace. They also deny baptism by desire, eg. martyr. They argued that Arians who died as martyrs died as heretics not for the Orthodox faith. Their death argued them is void of grace. There is also another discussion on common prayer, and it's also condemned by non ecumenist, because the Fathers forbid common prayer with those not in communion.

This article explaining why EO don't consider Latins as Christians
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This is why EO is plaque by neo-Donatism. Not my word but from one of my EO friend.

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