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Questions from a Presbyterian
Quote:adithia.kusno, wrote:
They consider Assyrian and Oriental Christians as unbaptized pagans devoid of all grace.

I asked about this on a few EO Facebook forums, to see what I could learn. Here are some of the responses thus far.

"That is what a small minority in the EO communion believes, but not overall. Otherwise the methods of reception and the points of con-celebration wouldn't have happened. I learned last night the EO and Assyrian churches basically resolved issues in the 9th century and even con-celebrated to seal the deal, not sure why the division is still in practice for that one. The EO and OO have two statements of unity, one that allow con-celebration which occurred recently with the Syrian and Antiochian church."

"Although both groups are outside of the Orthodox Church, no Orthodox Christian I know would say or even think such a thing. Most are filled with compassion and even admiration for these struggling Christians. The statements are made by someone who doesn't know their faith or live it."

"This is NOT the Orthodox view. If it was all jurisdictions would re-Baptize ACoE & OO Christians who convert but most do not & historicly those groups were never re-baptized when converting."

"Self righteous knuckle heads. They have been Orthodox for 5 minutes and now they know everything. Jesus told us not to judge."

"unbaptized pagans, devoid of all grace."" is not Orthodox teaching, but the views of a very few crazies who use the name Orthodox." - FrJohn D'Alton

"Abouna Peter Farrington (OO Priest) "If that were the case then why do the Greek and Coptic Churches in Alexandria, and the Antiochian and Syrian Churches allow inter-communion? Why is Metropolitan Hilarion calling for reunion? Why are Oriental Orthodox communed in EO Churches all over the world? Why do so many EO attend and receive in my Churches? This is an aspect of a pseudo-traditionalism in the EO that ignores the facts of history."

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