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Questions from a Presbyterian
adithia.kusno Wrote:They consider Assyrian and Oriental Christians as unbaptized pagans devoid of all grace. While Catholic in 1994 issued a joint declaration with Assyrian Church to clarify the issue of the title of Theotokos and mutually lifted the anathemas. That wouldn't be possible in EO.

Hi Adithia,

That's because the EO within Christendom is the equivalent of Wahhabism within Islam. One is just as fanatical and radical as the other, and neither of them represent their claimed faith. If they want to see unbaptized pagans devoid of all grace, they should look in the mirror - because by saying such things, they are blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, and the Body of Christ which has given witness and spilled the blood of millions of its martyrs for His Name. They should be ashamed of themselves, and they will ultimately answer to God Himself for this blasphemy.

To answer your original question - I will need to correct you on one point, namely, your choice of the word "reunite" (in the context of RC & CoE) is historically inaccurate. To "re-unite" presupposes there was a previous unity. That is not historically accurate, as these two churches in two different empires were never united in any sort of ecclesiastic relationship whatsoever.

The Chaldean Patriarch is not willing to step down, even in the above scenario. The ultimate goal of the Chaldean Church forming in the 16th century (and rupturing the Church of the East in half) was to swallow it (and its glorious history) into the Roman fold. There is a reason why the Chaldean Church is the oldest Uniate group - the RCC came after the CoE first, then later other Uniates sprung up. There is a reason for why they chose to go after the CoE first, and that is because they know that it has never been within their fold.

While there is constant dialogue with all of our sister churches (including Rome) regarding matters such as the troubles we are all experiencing in the world at the moment (especially in the middle east), no - there has been no further dialogue within any context of ecclesiastical unity for a number of reasons. Most importantly, within the current framework for "unity" in the Latin sense, there is a need for submission to the authority of the Bishop of Rome. That is a show-stopper, and it will never happen. So as long as that is the Latin formula for "unity", "unity" will never occur. Again, that would be "unity" - and not "re-unity", as that has never been a reality (not before Ephesus, and not after Ephesus.)

Also, we remember that a certain Trojan Horse (namely, a former Bishop of the CoE) was placed internally by Rome to cause strife and division. And when his scheming against the CoE and its Patriarch was unveiled, and he was defrocked and laicized by the Holy Synod and Patriarchate of the CoE, the Chaldean Church had the nerve to adopt him as one of their own Bishops. As you can well imagine, this did not result in improved relations, it demonstrated a lack of respect for the decisions of the Holy Synod, and further confirmed the suspicions within the CoE that the Joint Declaration of 1994 was merely part of the larger goal of the RCC to swallow up our tradition.

The Joint Declaration did result in positive things, like the lifting of the mutual Anathemas. Incidentally, the Holy Synod of the CoE had lifted these Anathemas long before the declaration in 1994. It was Rome that lifted their Anathemas in 1994. So, good things (like a mutual understanding of terminologies) did occur because of it. But to take it further, in the sense of what the Latin Church desires - no, thank you. We will, as our Patriarch has stated multiple times, be independent from our Apostolic Foundation ... and until the Second Coming of Christ.

I hope that answers your questions, take care.


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